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IntoDwild  is a family business founded by  Rami Ozinsky, environmentalist & sustainable resource expert specializing in water  technology and irrigation infrastructures, as well as Planning and construction of agricultural land.

As a water resources and aquatic environment expert and an activist in the field of ecology and environment   he developed the ecological method of treating wastewater for irrigation in reservoirs and lakes.


Rami's background as a creative landscape designer and  specialization in water  technology and irrigation as well as 20 years of research & application of sustainable farming methods enables him to integrate these disciplines and utilize them in bringing innovative solutions to the world of ecological agriculture.


During the last number of years Rami took part in setting up large-scale agricultural infrastructures in Ghana,  Angola, Congo, Chad, Philippines & Papua New Guinea for multidisciplinary farm projects conducted by MLP Ltd. and LR Group.

Then, focused to distribute sustainable farming practices & solutions, he established IntoDwild.  


Rami's vision & passion for creating natural sustainable gardens, habitats and ecosystems leads him on an on-going research.

As an eco-warrior he dedicates his multi-disciplinary expertise, efforts and resources

into greening the world and preserving it for the next generations.  

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Meet the staff


Yam Ozinsky

Media Manager

Dvir Bargai.jpg

Dvir Bargai

R&D Manager

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Shirley Ozinsky

Office Manager & customer service

irrigation infra structure installation
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